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7 Figure Workshop Masterclass Replay:The 10-Step "Newbie-Friendly" Action Plan

aside from the extremely powerful program 'kibo eclipse', You'll be getting my VIP Edition Exclusive Bonuses

Kibo Code VIP Edition Exclusive Bonus #1

Market Demand Explorer: 1 Year Access ($997 Value)

Using this exclusive software tool, you can find out exactly how many people are searching for the kinds of items you might wish to sell on your Kibo store.

Simply type in a general word like “table” and you’ll quickly get ideas for what customers may be looking for, including how many people have searched for it and more.

Normally a tool like this is $99 a month, but you get a whole YEAR'S access as part of my exclusive VIP bonus for you!

Kibo Code VIP Edition Exclusive Bonus #2

The 100k Club

This is an exclusive bonus that you cannot find anywhere else.

I’ve secured access to a Kibo Member who is making over $100k PER MONTH from their store.

And they have agreed to run a series of FOUR profit maximizing live workshops (plus recordings). 

They will be revealing their best tips and strategies for huge success.

Plus they will be answering live questions on each of these sessions.

This will give you a HUGE unfair advantage over other Kibo Members.

Kibo Code VIP Edition Exclusive Bonus #3

Kibo Profit Machines: 14 Plug-N-Play Kibo Email Templates

One of the best ways to maximize profits from your store is to insert a series of automated email follow up messages.

These have been written and tested by some of Aidan’s TOP students of the Kibo Code.

Simply plug them in and see an estimated 20-40% boost in your ongoing sales.

Kibo Code VIP Edition Exclusive Bonus #4

Advanced Kibo Fulfilment

At some stage as you scale your Kibo business, you may wish to handle your own fulfilment of your most profitable items.

This can be particularly helpful when scaling from 10k to 30k per week or more.

Here you’ll see exactly how to work with prep centers to scale your business to the next level.

Kibo Code VIP Edition Exclusive Bonus #5

Kibo “Virtual Assistant” Secrets

Here you’ll discover how to profit from your Kibo Store on ‘autopilot’ by hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA).

What is great about having a VA is that they can grow your business for you, even during periods where you don’t have time to work on it.

Kibo Code VIP Edition Exclusive Bonus #6

Kibo Profit Multiplier

Here you’ll see me and Sean (a guy already making over $3,283 per DAY with this method), as we walk you through how to make more sales from the Kibo Code Method.

Kibo Code VIP Edition Exclusive Bonus #7

Kibo Detective 1 Year’s Access

Even MORE product opportunities for your store every day! This is like having your own staff member who hunts and finds additional fantastic product opportunities for you.

Every day, you’ll receive a new product opportunity, including where to source it from, and proof that someone else is already doing well with it.

You’ll see the ads they are running, how much traffic they are getting.

You’ll be given an entire YEARS access to this incredible resource.

Kibo Code VIP Edition Exclusive Bonus #8

The Ultimate Risk Reversal

It might sound crazy, but what I'm doing is I'm guaranteeing that if you follow this program correctly, get your products up so that they can be sold, and if you do not make money with this system, then I will refund up to $1000 of your advertising costs.

I know full well that this system works like crazy, so that's why I'm so confident to offer this additional Ultimate 'Risk Reversal' Guarantee to put the risk on my shoulders and not yours.

This is valid for 6 MONTHS. That is more than enough time for you to get up and running, have your products live, and making a great amount of money using this incredible system.

Kibo Code VIP Edition Exclusive Bonus #9

Red Carpet Support

In addition to the 3-tiered support, you’ll also get access to an additional private VIP support service that we’ve put in place SPECIFICALLY for our customers who invest in The Kibo Code.

This will ensure that your private requests and questions get TOP priority and even more attention than the already AMAZING support that is being offered.

Kibo Code VIP Edition Exclusive Bonus #10

KIBO Customer SOP Scripts

This is a set of tried-and-tested Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) scripts that can be used to streamline your Kibo customer support operations.

Even if you are doing all your support yourself, this is still useful for making things far more efficient. And it becomes especially useful when it comes time to scale from 5k to 10k per week and beyond.

To claim your Exclusive VIP Bonuses:

Email your receipt to