The 100 Sales Challenge

Notes From The Video

I've decided to do something new in order to motivate people to take action towards their goals.

As you may be aware, with eFormula, you have a brand NEW method and software, for making sales of physical products with automated fulfillment and no website needed (and free traffic). This has been developed by a 7-figure seller, who makes over 300k in his best months.

And for those who join through my link, I've created a private community, where we're running a 60-day demo.

People watch over my staff member Jeffrey's shoulder (I'm in the group too and also in some videos) as we implement the system ourselves too.

But there's more to it than just watching and copying along as we progress through to making consistent sales.

We are also paying out cash prizes to those who achieve certain milestones along the way.

We are doing that to ensure maximum motivation for you to take action and get things done.

Because I know that once you see the sales coming in, you'll feel it was worth it to do the set up work and step outside your comfort zone a little to implement this system.

For instance, when you load up 1 product on Amazon, you get a $5 prize.

For reaching your first sale, you get a $10 prize.

For reaching 5 sales, you get a $15 prize.

For reaching 10 sales you get a $25 prize.

For reaching 25 sales you get a $50 prize.

For reaching 50 sales, you get a $100 prize.

For reaching 100 sales, you get a $250 prize.

Plus the first persont to reach 10 sales gets $250.

The first person to 25 sales gets $500.

The first person to reach 50 sales gets $1000.

And the first person to 100 sales gets $2000.

So this isn't just a really good business model, I'm gamifying to to make it a lot of fun also.

To find out what it's all about, make sure to join us for the workshop here (this is a new one for this week, the doors are closing shortly)...

Or if you prefer to check out my exclusive VIP bonuses, and to join the program right away, follow this link: